DOWNLOAD EDUCATORS GUIDE DOWNLOAD ACTIVITY SECTION DOWNLOAD ACTIVITY SECTION PRINTER FRIENDLY Space Next follows humanity’s path to the stars, from our earliest fascination with the mysterious lights sprinkled across the night sky through our current robotic exploration of the solar system. Space Next also looks into the future of crewed space travel, to the developing technologies that are bringing Mars colonization within reach and even further to the biomedical advances and cutting-edge theoretical physics that might one day make interstellar travel a reality. The film celebrates the past accomplishments of NASA—the unequaled achievements of the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs and so much more—but not as simple nostalgia. Those glory days of the space program are a sign of things to come, paving the way for NASA’s contributions to the International Space Station, the growing fleet of rovers on Mars, and a reinvigorated approach to the human exploration of space. The new synergy between government and private space technologies is ushering in a wave of innovation. Multiple launch platforms and space capsules are being developed and tested. Soon, astronauts will have multiple paths to Earth orbit and beyond. It’s an exciting time to be a space enthusiast, and Space Next embraces an optimistic outlook for space travel. The creators of this film hope their enthusiastic imaginings will inspire future scientists and astronauts to look to the night sky and see not just a place to explore, but a place to live.